Terms of Service - Holiday Client Gifts

Account Setup
In addition to prepping and uploading up to 8 signatures and a logo to your new account for free, we will upload an Excel spreadsheet of your birthday list to your account also for free. This ensures your birthday list is setup properly and gives us an opportunity to review it, your signatures, logo and account settings with you during the walk through of your new account via phone. Once we've setup the new account, you or your representative will be able to access your online secure account to manage, add, delete, and change your birthday list information, greetings, gift selections, and your account information.

We take great care when prepping and uploading your birthday list into your new account but do not guarantee the accuracy of any information uploaded, or the accuracy of the information contained in the spreadsheet you provided, or any client data you or your representatives entered yourselves. We highly recommend you verify all data contained in your account for "typos" and/or information inaccuracies. We also recommend you visit your account periodically (monthly) to confirm the accuracy of your client list and to update the information for the upcoming scheduled mailings for the following: Name Changes & Errors, Address Changes & Errors, Birthday Errors, Greeting/Message Changes & Errors, and past invoices.

Termination of Service
There are NO contracts or obligations to continue the service. You may cancel your account at any time by notifying us by email or simply deleting the client list contained in your account. You only pay for the greeting cards and gifts which were mailed prior to the cancellation. There are NO service, membership, or hidden fees. You only pay for the mailings sent on your behalf.

We (The Birthday Company, Inc.) reserve the right to cancel service for any abuses or reasons we deem necessary. Some abuses include but are not limited to: Greeting/message vulgarity and/or greetings we deem inappropriate, and excessive mailing requests to the same households. We provide birthday, holiday, anniversary, and thank you mailings only.

Accounts inactive for more than 60 days will be deleted.

Please direct any questions regarding our policies or service to:

The Birthday Company
PO Box 9172
Cedar Rapids, IA 52409